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Re: Les 100 meilleurs livres de theatre (fwd) FALZOIJ

Je ne comprend pas la double address, parce que je croix que reponder de
le list -- so far the books listed are in "intercultural studies" --
c'est une problematic -- each author in a different way (Je ne sais pais
le fin, "Vatsayana") appropriates cultural forms in problematic ways.
Thus, I would like to see these books balanced, perhaps, with critiques
of such colonialism. Although, I do agree these are important books.

Is a best book an "old classic" or can it be a new book, which could
incorporate feminist theatre, queer theatre, post-colonial performance. Il
y a une live excellent de TDR: The African Issue" on Performance: parce que
je ne said pas -- est-ce que vois chercher pour des livres du theatre,
parce que il'y a des excellent livres aussi du "performance". Une livre
interestant de Kabuki est Brandon, Malm, and Shively, eds., *Studies in
Kabuki: It's Acting, Music, and Historical Context*.
Il y a aussi de livre du Noh, by Ziami...I cannot remember the name. It is

Une liste de les 100 meilleures livres se theatre -- I wonder, best for
whom? What is the framework and purpose for this list? This woudl help
determine what books I would include. Peut-etre, aussi, les Martin Esslin
livre: *Theatre of the Absurd*.