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_Phedre_ de Racine (fwd) Ronald W. Tobin

*** Reply to note of 02/10/95 19:15
Hurriedly, here are some places you might look for ways of staging Racine that
do not betray him but are, in fact, means of highlighting his eminent
theatricality. The first is an old but useful edition of Phedre by Jean-Louis
Barrault which gives stage directiosn on the other side of the page from the
text. He even comments on breathing patterns for the actors. The next would be
David Maskell's recent book, Racine: A Theatrical Reading, where he touches on
a variety of aspects of the physical representation of the plays, including
some interesting (but hardly exhaustive) remarks on proxemics. The last would
be another recent (and thankfully short) book by Jean Rohou, Racine: Bilan
Critique, in which he reviews some of the different ways (from sane to
outrageous) Phedre has been played. The film of Phedre, starring Marie Beyle,
is probably too stylized for your purposes, but it does bring to life the
Hippolyte-Aricie relationship, which has been too often seen, since the 17th
century, as a defense mechanism for shielding Hippolyte from the charge of
prefering to hunt other than heterosexual prey. I have never seen a
first-rate production of Phedre. Good Luck!