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I forwarded this to president@whitehouse.gov and asked if anything was going
on here that he should consider in our dealing with Mexico
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>Subject: Massacre in Chiapas
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>We've just recevied an emergency call from friends in Mexico. They tell us
>that the Mexican army has surrounded the city of San Cristobal in Chiapas,
>and that the hospital in the nearby city of Comitan is flooded with
>casualities. The press is being excluded from the area. The people being
>attacked are the Myan Indians, and other poor farmers, who've been denied
>land and food since the conquest.
>They've asked that we try to get word about this out via email. While we
>have no further information beyond this one call I ask you to pass this
>message on, or tell anyone you think relevant via any means so that this
>does not occur in silence.
>Chuck Goodwin
>University of South Carolina
>Colubmia SC 29208
>   (803) 356-6006
>   (803) 777-0259 (fax)