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CyberStage 1.2. (fwd) BOURASSA ANDRE G

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CyberStage, Issue 2, March 1995   ---   Articles

by Kate Holloway
Blacknet: The New Information Black Market Emerging on the Internet.

-Techno-art at the Ontario Science Centre
-Play: The Master and Margarita in Montreal
-Book: The International Directory fo Electronic Arts from Paris France

Digital Appropriation in Photography
Four Components:

i) Primer
What is appropriation? What does it mean for photographers? For the rest
of us?

ii) The Future Belongs to We by Kent Barret
Kent suggests that appropriation is inevitable in the digitial age.

iii) Digital Images in Crisis by Ed Bridges
A New York City stock photo house sues a large publication over copyright

iv) ChipChat: the Word from the Net

Feature Articles

i) Communitek: Performance on the Electronic Frontier by Phil Morle
A look at how the internet is being used for performance.

ii) Email from Carl by Mark Jones
The virtual reality guru, Carl Eugene Loeffler, traces his roots. Done
through a series of email exchanges. Also, a plug for his new book, The
Virtual Reality Casebook.

iii) Stelarc: Still Hanging Around by Mark Jones
The Australian performance artist, Stelarc, reflects on his work, his third
arm, and our future with technology.

iv) CD-SEX by Tony Cogliano
A look at porno on CD-ROM and what it means to our traditional notions
of love, sex, and interactivity.

v) Inside VIVID by Gogo Begonia
The Vivid Group's media relations person gives us an inside look at the
first commercially successful virtual reality system, and its meaning to

vi)  George Coats: Toast of the Coast by Monteith Illingworth
George Coats, the famous San Francisco stage director and his work with
computer technology has made him the toast of the coast. But some say his
work is all flash and no substance. An exclusive interview, written by
Mirabella's Monteith Illingworth.


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