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pageant wagons (fwd) BOURASSA ANDRE G

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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 10:00:14 -0400

In working on a book on Technology, Guilds, and the Medieval English Theater,
I am still struggling with the EXACT design of the steering mechanism of the
medieval wagon (assuming that the pageant wagons at York, Coventry, and
Chester did usually have steering mechanisms). Does anyone know of an
illustration that gives all the details? I am not certain that later wagons
do not involve some improvements on the medieval design, and would like to be
able to include an illustration that is contemporary with the plays, if one
is available. Continental pageant wagon illustrations help but do not solve
the problem entirely.

The other areas on which I have been working have involved such matters as
ship construction (for Noah's ark especially), textiles (especially since the
textile guilds were deeply involved in the plays), tools (as in the building
of the ark and the Crucifixion), and mechanisms for raising and lowering
actors in the Ascension, Assumption, and Last Judgment plays. (Does anyone
know of any evidence of the use of counterweights, for example?)

Cliff Davidson
The Medieval Institute
Western Michigan University