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Date des Miracles de N-D par personnages (fwd) BOURASSA ANDRE G

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Yes, the order of the plays is (in my opinion) chronological. See my
articles on dating of the plays in Medium Aevum XXXIX (1970) 257-288,
and Philological Quarterly XLIX (1970) 19-29. The latter is just
about the dating of the plays; the former much more wide-ranging,
about Guilds and Miracle plays in general. (I can send you an off-
print of the PQ article, if you like, Jesse.)  In the original ms,
the Incipit of each play ended (something like) "...joue au puy des
orfevres a paris l'an (number in roman numerals)".

These were subsequently erased, by scratching, but I managed to
read enough of them to show that the plays were in chronological
order from 1339 to 1382. But there were a few years without plays,
explained by political troubles in Paris. The reason for the
erasures was, in my opinion, also political.

This was part of my thesis, started in 1959. It takes me back. Robert
Clarke knows more about these plays now than me, since I haven't
worked on them for years. Perhaps Robert has proved me wrong!

Graham Runnalls