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Re: L'ILLUSION_COMIQUE (fwd) Marie Glynn

In 1993 the Oregon Shakespeare Festival staged a successful production
of the Kushner adaptation.  Much ado was made of special effects.  I found
Kushner's adaptation surprisingly faithful to the theatrical values
of the original, highlighting the valorisation of theater as _metier_
as does the original.

OSF has several annual publications.  They might be willing to share
material from their programs and members' journals.  Their snail-mail
is simply  Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Box 158, Ashland OR 97520.
Phone for the Administrative Offices is (503) 482-2111.

It was unclear from your message the exact nature of your concerns.
Please post a follow-up message or e-mail me privately if you feel
that might be useful to you.

Marie Glynn