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SEVIGNE (fwd) Andre G. Bourassa

Question sur une piece de madame de Sevigne:

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Date: Tue, 8 Aug 1995 10:16:21 -0700
From: Catherine Montfort <CMONTFORT@SCUACC.SCU.EDU>

Years ago, I photocopied a play "Madame de Sevigne" at the Bibliotheque
Nationale. I have no idea who wrote it and when it was written. The only
clues are 1) Mme de Sevigne was played by Mlle Suzanne Gonnel de l'Odeon
2) Bussy-Rabutin by M. Henri Jourdin de Croix de l'Odeon, or when the
representations were at the 'Theatre de la Cite", au theatre Buffalo, by
M. Jean Thomas 4) the play was printed by Imp. des Orphelins-Apprentis
in Albi. Any information concerning the author of the play, the time
period, the actors, the printer would be greatly appreciated.
Catherine Montfort


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