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Treteaux et passions -- Lope de Vega? Calderon? Cervantes? (fwd) Andre G. Bourassa

Calderon? Cervantes? Copeau? Lope de Vega?

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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 09:41:39 -0400
From: Dr. Patrick M. Finelli <finelli@SATIE.ARTS.USF.EDU>

Brockett's History of the Theatre (seventh edition, p. 189) says
"Cervantes states that Rueda's stage consisted of four or five boards set
on benches backed with a blanket and that his costumes were 'four white
sheepskins trimmed with gilded leather.'"  But there is no mention of any
"passion".  Has the true source of the saying been revealed?


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