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Re: Treteaux et passions -- Lope de Vega? Calderon? Cervantes? (fwd) VWILLIAM

To me the quote had the taste of one of Lope de Vega's prologues to one ofthe volumes of
his plays as he prepared them for publication.  So I have written to THE person who
knows most about those prologues to ask if the quoted materials appears there.  The bit
about stage machinery, etc.  does appear in the prologue to the edition he prepared in
1620 for the "parte" published in 1621 and re-published in 1622.  The statement on
"passion", I still haven't found but since Lope often used the Theater as a mouthpiece
in various "prologos", I wouldn't give up hope of finding it soon.  More later, I
promise.  Vern Williamsen (vwilliam@ccit.arizona.edu)