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Re: Treteaux et passions VWILLIAM

I've been looking for the quote as cited to Lope de Vega but can't trace it that far
back as of yet.  It seems that whoever cited it had recourse to Hugo Rennert's book,
originally The Life of Lope de Vega (Glasgow, 1904), or the work as re-edited with
additions by Americo Castro in 1918, and again in 1928.  The work was last re-done in
1968 with more additions and corrections by Fernando Lazaro Carreter (Salamanca:  Anaya,
1968).  This is the edition I have at hand.  In Chapter 12, the material about stage
machinery is quoted extensively and practically verbatim.  In the edition I have in
hand, on page 341, Castro's translation of Rennert's original reads "Lope afirma
valientemente que un tablado, dos actores y una pasion le bastan para una comedia."
(Lope valiently affirs that a stage, two actors and a passion are sufficient for him to
create a dramatic work).  I don't have the exact quote as stated by Rennert in Enlish at
hand but it will be found in chapter 15 of his book available in any decent library
either in the original version, one of the Castro versions or as re-printed in English
sometime in the 60's. I am still trying to track down where Lope says that.  So far it
is a statement by Hugo Rennert, probably based on something originally by Lope but
exactly what is not clear.  More later if I find it.  Vern Williamsen


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