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Re: Treteaux et passions VWILLIAM

I have still not had any luck in tracing the Lope quote.  I thought it might be found in
his play "Lo fingido verdadero (Acting is Believing)" that deal with Saint Ginesius, the
Roman actor and martyr.  The play is readily available in Spanish or in English
translation by Michael McGaha (San Antonio:  Trinity University Press, 1986).  I didn't
find the citation but did run into this statement that might be of interest.  Ginesius
says "Acting is just imitation.  However, just as a poet can't write convincingly and
with feeling about love unless he's in love, since it's love that teaches him the verses
he writes, it's the same way with actors.  If an actor doesn't feel love's passion, he
can't perform it."  This play evidently was written in 1608(?).  I'll keep looking for
that citation!  Vern Williamsen (vwilliam@ccit.arizona.edu)


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