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Call for Papers: French Feminism Conference N7SDN

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Please find attached an announcement for a conference on French
feminism. We would appreciate it very much if you could post this
to other appropriate lists.

The 30th Annual Texas Tech Comparative Literature Symposium
"French Feminism Across the Disciplines"
January 30-February 1, 1997

Plenary speakers will include:

Barbara Harlow, University of Texas
Peggy Kamuf, University of Southern California
Toril Moi, Duke University
Micaela Janan, Duke University

This conference seeks to explore French feminism as it is deployed
in a variety of disciplines: literary, cultural and theoretical. We will
problematize French feminism as a discourse which cannot be contained
by any of the normative disciplinary categories of American academia.
The symposium, directed by Professors Hafid Gafaiti, Paul Allen Miller and
Sharon Diane Nell, welcomes papers representing the full range of
positions in this on-going debate. Abstracts of 20-minute papers should
be sent to Professor Nell (Department of Classical and Modern Languages
and Literatures, Texas Tech University, Box 2071, Lubbock, TX   79409-2071;
internet: n7sdn@ttacs1.ttu.edu; Phone: 806/742-3237; Fax: 806/742-3306)
not later than September 30, 1996. It is hoped that a volume of the best
papers resulting from the symposium will be subsequently published.
Inquiries may be addressed to the directors at the departmental address
listed above.

Please circulate this notice.


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