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Coelina ou L'enfant du mystere BOURASSA ANDRE G

Une nouvelle venue a Queatre - nous sommes maintenant 275 membres, de 18
pays - cherche un renseignement sur Pixerecourt, soit la traduction de la
piece en titre. Sa requete a d'abord ete exprimee sur un reseau anglophone.
Andre G. Bourassa

In my continued search for the obscure (because why should graduate
school be any easier than it has to be?), I am now in need to help
locating a good, and complete, translation (preferrably Holcroft)
for Pixerecourt's play, *Coelina; or L'Enfant du Mystere.*
Holcroft translated it as *A Tale of Mystery*  I believe it was
first published in French around 1800...don't have the dates on

Any leads, advice, spare copies lying around the livingroom, or
sympathy will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Anne Chamberlain
Virginia Commonwealth University