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Re: Coelina ou L'enfant du mystere Michel Billard

On Thu, 18 Jan 1996, BOURASSA ANDRE G wrote:

> Une nouvelle venue a Queatre - nous sommes maintenant 275 membres, de 18
> pays - cherche un renseignement sur Pixerecourt, soit la traduction de la
> piece en titre. Sa requete a d'abord ete exprimee sur un reseau anglophone.
> Andre G. Bourassa
> In my continued search for the obscure (because why should graduate
> school be any easier than it has to be?), I am now in need to help
> locating a good, and complete, translation (preferrably Holcroft)
> for Pixerecourt's play, *Coelina; or L'Enfant du Mystere.*
> Holcroft translated it as *A Tale of Mystery*  I believe it was
> first published in French around 1800...don't have the dates on
> translations.
> Any leads, advice, spare copies lying around the livingroom, or
> sympathy will be greatly appreciated!
> Thank you!
> Anne Chamberlain
> Virginia Commonwealth University
> eng4ajc@hibbs.vcu.edu


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