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lancement d'une nouvelle liste de discussion Andrew G. Gann

J'ai le plaisir d'annoncer une nouvelle liste de discussion qui pourrait
interesser nos membres.  Il s'agit de H-musTXT, un lieu de rencontre pour
ceux qui s'interessent aux relations entre la parole et la musique (opera,
oratorio, melodie, la musique dans la litterature, le theatre, le film,
etc.).  Seul inconvenient:  la discussion se passe en langue anglaise.

Pour ceux qui veulent en savoir plus je joins la lettre de lancement de

Andrew G. Gann
>    ////////////////**///////////////>
>                        H-NET: HUMANITIES ON-LINE
>                      Announces a new Internet list:
>                           H-musTXT, devoted to
>                          Musico-Textual Studies
>H-musTXT, an InterNetwork devoted to encouraging discourse among and
>providing resources for musico-textual scholars and specialists
>(including, but not limited to, those active in opera, oratorio, musical
>theater, mass, song, program music, music in literature, and music in
>film) is now available for subscription. H-musTXT is cosponsored by H-Net
>and the LYRICA Society for Word-Music Relationships.
>                     ////////**///////>
>                       HOW TO SUBSCRIBE TO H-MusTXT
>Send this email message via the Internet to LISTSERV@h-net.msu.edu
>               sub h-mustxt firstname surname, affiliation
>Include your own first name, last name, and the name of your school (or
>city, state) as seen in the following examples:
>         sub h-mustxt Tony Salieri, Wiener Community Conservatory
>                                    or
>                  sub h-mustxt John Palestrina, Rome, WI
>Remember: when sending subscription requests or any commands to listservs,
>leave the subject line blank and delete any signature files.
>Requests will be acknowledged by receipt of the H-musTXT policy statement
>and survey.  The survey includes instructions for a brief biographical
>sketch, which will be each participant's first contribution to the list.
>The surveys will be accessible for participants to search to identify
>others active within their own area of expertise.
>H-musTXT welcomes all scholars/specialists active in the field of
>musico-textual studies--faculty, graduate students, and mentored
>undergraduate students in all disciplines, professionals (librarians,
>journalists, editors), and creators (performers, lyricists, librettists,
>directors, conductors)--who are actively involved the field.
>Undergraduates need an email letter of endorsement from a professor.
>H-musTXT is free; there are no dues or charges of any kind, and all
>messages will appear automatically in your email.
>                    ////////**/////// 
>                            PURPOSE AND SCOPE
>     H-musTXT's objective is to encourage the discussion and development
>of musico-textual studies by aiming to:
>     *  Stimulate discussion on topics of interest to
>        musico-textual scholars
>     *  Serve as a vehicle for generating and sharing:
>        **  bibliographies on musico-textual topics
>        **  syllabi & other items of pedagogical interest
>        **  book reviews commissioned by H-Net and H-musTXT
>     *  Post information on grants, conferences, and jobs
>     *  Publish highly detailed calls for papers
>     *  Maintain gopher and WWW sites of value to subscribers
>     Most important, H-musTXT will encourage the kinds of scholarly and
>professional interchanges that had been confined to professional
>conferences or small circles of friends.
>Ellen Burns (eburns@polaris.net) and Daniel Eisenberg
>(deisenbe@mailer.fsu.edu) co-edit H-musTXT. Please address questions,
>complaints, suggestions, and requests for help to them. H-musTXT is an
>edited list, and only items that contribute to the scholarly dialogue will
>be published.  No "flames" or "spams" are allowed, and all contributions
>must be signed with full name and email address.
>                     ////////**///////>
>                             EDITORIAL BOARD
>     Reflecting H-musTXT's interdisciplinary profile, its editorial board
>includes an international, interdisciplinary complement of scholars active
>in the field of musico-textual studies:
>   Gloria Allaire, Italian, Ohio U
>   Bertil van Boer, Music Theory and Composition, Wichita State U
>   Daniel Eisenberg, Spanish, Florida State U
>   Kristie Foell, German, Bowling Green State U (OH)
>   Andrew Gann, French, Mount Allison U (Canada)
>   Herbert Josephs, French, Michigan State U
>   David Levin, German, Columbia U
>   Ralph P. Locke, Musicology, Eastman School of Music (U of Rochester)
>   James Mott, History, U of Illinois, Chicago
>   Lyle Neff, Musicology (Ph.D. candidate); CONSER/NACO Cataloger,
>       Serials Dept., Main Library, Indiana U
>   David Neumeyer, Music Theory, Indiana U
>   Robert Provine, Ethnomusicology, U of Durham (U.K.)
>   Joseph T. Snow, Spanish, Michigan State U
>   Ruth Solie, Musicology, Smith College
>                      ////////**///////>
>     H-musTXT is a service of the LYRICA Society for the Study of
>Word-Music Relationships.  The society is eclectic in its scope: topics of
>conference papers and articles published in its journal include hymnody,
>opera, poetry, tone poems, lieder, program music, incidental music,
>melodrama, recitation, ballet, investigations in music relating to such
>disciplines as literature and film, and a host of other topics.
>Membership information is available from its president, Ronnie Apter
>     H-musTXT is part of the H-Net family of scholarly and professional
>electronic networks.  H-Net is an international initiative assisting
>humanists in on-line research and discussion. H-Net sponsors more than 70
>lists by and for professionals and scholars in the humanities and social
>sciences.  H-Net lists currently include more than 38,000 subscribers in
>68 countries. More than 180 scholars in North America, Europe, Africa, and
>the Pacific serve as its editors.  One or more scholars moderate each
>list, and lists are guided by an editorial board.