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Theatre quebecois et souverainete BOURASSA ANDRE G

Question provenant d'un membre d'Alaska a qui on peut tres bien repondre
en francais. A sa question, les premiers titres de pieces abordant plus
ou moins directement cette problematique qui me viennent a l'esprit sont:

Gratien GELINAS, _Hier, les enfants dansaient_, Outremont, Lemeac, 1968
[piece cree en 1966];
Marcel DUBE, _Les Beaux Dimanches_, Outremont, Lemeac, 1968;
Robert GURIK, Hamlet, prince du Quebec_, Montreal, Ed. de l'Homme, 1968;
Claude LEVAC et Francoise LORANGER, _Le Chemin du roy_, Lemeac, 1969
[piece cree en 1968];
Francoise LORANGER, _Medium saignant_, Lemeac 1970;
Victor-Levy BEAULIEU, _En attendant Trudot_, Montreal, L'Aurore, 1974;
Jean-Claude GERMAIN, _Un pays dont la devise est Je m'oublie_,
Montreal-Nord, Vlb ed., 1976;
Jean-Claude GERMAIN, _A Canadian Play / Une plaie canadienne, Montreal,
Vlb ed., 1983.

Je laisse a d'autres le soin de completer.
Amities, Andre G. Bourassa <bourassa.andre_g@uqam.ca>

On Fri, 12 Apr 1996 afmjh@UAA.ALASKA.EDU wrote:

> Dear Andre:
> Forgive please my reluctance to write en francais... but I am still very
> ignorant and I would rather offend with English than with bad French.
. [...]. I am trying to put together a paper for the American Council on
> Quebec Studies, meeting which will be held in Quebec City next October.
> My topic will be "Dramatic Responses to Quebec Sovereignty: 1968-1996."
> While I do not have to limit myself exclusively to Quebecois authors
> and/or ensembles, I would like some guidance from you re: which plays
> most represent, symbolically or literally, the movement toward
> sovereignty and the spirit which has driven that movement.  Can you make
> some suggestions?  Especially since 1988 or so?
> Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
> Michael Hood