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Cirque du Soleil (fwd) BOURASSA ANDRE G

Deux nouveaux membres pour une interrogation nouvelle sur le Cirque du
soleil et un premier element de reponse. Ces premieres question et
reponse ont d'abord paru sur un reseau anglophone, mais leurs auteurs
s'attendent egalement a des references et a des reponses en francais.
Andre G. Bourassa

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Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 11:12:11 -0400
From: Jamie Skidmore <skidmore@EPAS.UTORONTO.CA>

Hi, I'm glad to hear of your interest in Cirque du Soleil - I
intend to write my thesis on Cirque, starting in the fall. There is a
lot of info. on Cirque available on the web - most notably at their web
site:   http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/

As well, use a search engine and do a search of the terms: circus,
cirque, and cirque du soleil (also try cirque de soleil, as the name is
frequently misspelled).

There is also a news-group that often discusses cirque du soleil -
rec.juggling (there may be an alt. in there somewhere, but you can
simply list all of the newsgroups and find the correct one - if you
can't find them - write me back as I do have the info. accessible
through my other server).

Cirque has a couple of books out, which should be available in your
local libraries - or you can order them through the Cirque homepage -
they also have many of their shows available for purchase on video.  It
translates better on video then most live performances, although nothing
beats the real thing.

"Discover" had an article on Cirque in their Feb. 1996 edition; as well
check your local papers if they've come through your area (i.e. all of
the obvious research routes).

You were concerned that a lot of info. would only be available in
french, keep in mind that Canada is bilingual and although Cirque is
from a pre-dominantly french province, it is a bilingual organization.
In fact, it's multi-lingual . . .

You will also find Cirque's phone number on their home pages - why not
simply give them a call.

Good luck - let me know how it goes

Jamie Skidmore

P.S. Saw an excellent circus troupe 2 days ago from Switzerland/France -
Que-cir-que (search them out on the web).  They are similar to Cirque du
Soleil, but on a much smaller scale.  For example, they are minimalists
and mainly use found objects - as well, in my opinion they are closer to
a dance/circus fusion then a theatre/circus blend.

HDP4919@APSU.BITNET wrote:
> An undergraduate friend of mine has asked me to post a query about Cirque du
> Soleil for a project he is currently researching.  I would like to find this
> information out as well, so if you would prefer to send e-mail directly to me
> , please do so at the address at the end of this message.  Though one could
> argue that the circus is not a true form of theatre, I believe that elements
> exist that allow for comparison, if not the conclusion that a circus is a true
> form of spectical theatre.  The concern here is some history of the group?
> It's operational belief? etc...?  If you know of any reference material, I
> suspect that it would basically be French Canadian journals, and perhaps some
> newspaper reviews of the cities where they have performed, I would appreciate
> the tip...Thanks in advance
> Hal Partlow
> hdp4919@lynx.apsu.edu
> or send to ...
> trifecta@aol.com