référence : http://listes.cru.fr/arc/mascarene/1996-08/msg00015.html

Carbone 14 and La Bottine Souriante Victor Montemurro

Would someone please provide me with an address or telephone number, or a web
site if available, so that I may get season information for Carbone 14 and the
musical group La Bottine Souriante? Any information about appearances that are
upcoming, or for the 96-97 season, or how to get in touch with either group
would be appreciated.

I will be forwarding the information to my instructor Dr. Cara Gargano, Chair,
Dept. of Theatre, Film and Dance, Long Island University,  C. W. Post Campus,
Brookville, NY.
We will be contacting the above groups from here.

Please forgive that I have posted in English, but feel free to respond in
French as my instructor reads and writes as well as publishes in French.

Thank you in advance

Victor Montemurro