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Re: Carbone 14 and La Bottine Souriante Henri B.

At 07:22 96-08-15 -0400, you wrote:
>Would someone please provide me with an address or telephone number, or a=
>site if available, so that I may get season information for Carbone 14 and=
>musical group La Bottine Souriante? Any information about appearances that=
>upcoming, or for the 96-97 season, or how to get in touch with either group=
>would be appreciated.
>I will be forwarding the information to my instructor Dr. Cara Gargano,=
>Dept. of Theatre, Film and Dance, Long Island University,  C. W. Post=
Campus, =20
>Brookville, NY.
>We will be contacting the above groups from here.
>Please forgive that I have posted in English, but feel free to respond in=
>French as my instructor reads and writes as well as publishes in French.
>Thank you in advance
>Victor Montemurro
Voici les renseignements demandes pour rejoindre Carbonne 14
Carbone 14
1345 ave Lalonde
Montr=E9al , Qu=E9bec=20
514 521 4198
Marc Langlois
Henri Barras
Productions Vox-Art
Tel: (514) 286-4230
Fax: (514) 286-9465
E-Mail : barras@core-net.com


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