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Re: Cours sur le theatre francais du XXe Edward Forman

The most satisfying French plays of the twentieth century are Cocteau's _La 
Machine infernale_ and Vinaver's _L'Emission de television_. (How's that for 
a provocatively dogmatic statement?) I suppose you should also be encouraged 
to explore Giraudoux (_La Guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu_) and Montherland 
(_Port Royal_ : great on feminist issues avant la lettre). If you must do 
Anouilh, try something entertaining (_Ornifle_, for example) rather than the 
ubiquitous _Antigone_!
Break a leg.
Edward Forman,
University of Bristol, UK

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> Subject: Cours sur le theatre francais du XXe
> To: e.r.b.forman@bristol.ac.uk
> Question d'une nouvelle collegue sur le theatre du XXe s. Quelques titres 
> a suggerer. Pour ma part, je pense a Bernard-Marie Koltes: une piece 
> comme _Roberto Zucco_ a ete bien appreciee des etudiants de maitrise de 
> l'ecole francaise de l'Universite du Nouveau-Mexique, a Taos.
> Andre G. Bourassa.
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> Subject: XXth century French drama course
> Hello! My advanced French students (post- AP literature) 
> are very interested in drama. We are going to start with 
> the obvious, La Cantatrice chauve, La lecon and Huis-clos. 
> But I would be very grateful for any other suggestions. Did 
> you do something that worked particularly well? Any other 
> Ionesco? What about Beckett? Duras? Je voudrais rester au 
> vingtieme siecle (a la rigueur fin du dix-neuvieme). 
> Merci!
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