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Re: journals in French Francoise Deconinck

_XVII-XVIII_ , otherwise known as _BSEAA_ (bulletin de la societe d'etudes 
anglo-americaines des XVVe et XVIIIe siecles), publishes articles on 
English literature, history & history of ideas from the Restoration to 
the late eighteenth century. Is that any help?

Francoise Deconinck-Brossard
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On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Jacqueline Letzter wrote:

> Could someone inform me of journals in French that publish articles on 
> eighteenth century theater? Because I do not usually work exclusively on 
> theater, I am thinking of something like one of the ASECS publications, or 
> Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century--but in the French language.
> But perhaps there are more specialized journals in French?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jacqueline Letzter
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