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Re: Comment expliquer? KLEINJ

Many preschool children play dramatically beginning at age 2 or 3.  Much
has been written about this dramatic play, but psychologists study this
phenomenom more than theatre artists--and they don't connect it to theatre.

In the States, few children get drama in their elementary schools, so many
children lose interest in theatre in middle childhood because the field of
education doesn't value it.  Not until adolescence do students have the
opportunity to create theatre in secondary school.  In other words, no one
has really studied the longitudinal connections between children who play
drama as toddlers and those who make theatre as adolescents.  (This is a
research topic I am theorizing about as well....)

In the meantime, tell your friend that their child IS making theatre, and to
take their child to live theatre produced for preschoolers in your area.
(Montreal has fine companies who produce work for this age group.)
Maintaining the child's interest in theatre all depends on parental interest
and involvement.

Bon chance!
Jeanne Klein
U of Kansas Theatre for Young People