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le monument-national a Montreal atracy


(please excuse me while I switch to English, as my reading in French is good, 
but I'm a little embarrassed of my written French)

I am researching for my BA honours thesis at McGill in theatre, and M. 
Bourassa was kind enough to suggest using his list as a forum for my question.

I am studying the aesthetic effects of the renovations done to le 
Monument-national here in Montreal.  I'm concentrating on the historic aspect 
of the building, the merits of the renovation in that respect, the renovation 
process itself, and the aesthetic results, in the eyes of both the audience 
and the production team (lighting, acoustics, space, etc.).

If anyone has any opinions of the work done to the Monument (good, bad, 
indifferent), or had first-hand experience in working there pre- or 
post-renovations, I would be very interested in hearing your opinions and 
stories.  Any help will be very much appreciated.

Merci beaucoup pour votre temps,

Christopher Tracy

Christopher Tracy
McGill University