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Histoire du theatre sur CD-ROM BOURASSA ANDRE G

Un de nos membres, Patrick Finelli, vient de produire un CD-ROM sur
l'histoire du theatre, en anglais, a partir d'un cours qui etait
disponible sur le web. Le disque est compatible pour Mac et PC, et
comprend des liens permettant de passer du disque au web pour complements
d'information ou de documentation. Je vous transmets les donnees qu'il
vient de faire connaitre sur le sujet, et ce a cause de l'interet qu'elles
suscitent et de l'exemple qu'elles nous fournissent.
Cordialement, Andre G. Bourassa.

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Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 15:55:07 -0500
From: Patrick Finelli <finelli@ARTS.USF.EDU>

This is a brief answer to some of the questions asked about my Theatre
History Cybercourse CD-ROM for those who will not be able to make the ASTR
conference. Many of you know that the web version of the course has been
online for over a year.  I decided to put the material on a CD-ROM in
order to be able to demonstrate how it works without worrying about an
Internet connection.

Essentially I began by downloading the "html"  (text), "gif" (images),
"wav" (audio) and "avi" (video) files that I had created for the web-based
course. Then I edited the links to work internally on my laptop's hard
drive, doing things like changing filetypes from "html" to "htm" to work
with non-Windows95 operating systems while maintaining "hard" links to
external sites (i.e. "http://blah.blah.com).  Then I "ported" all of the
folders and files to another computer using "Laplink" (it took seven
minutes) and recorded the CD-ROM (another five minutes).

The CD-ROM is a "hybrid" or "connected" CD, meaning that it works as a
stand-alone and also links to the internet.  You open the CD with a web
browser and may explore all the material that is on the disc. When you
select an external link, the browser will go out on the Internet and find
the site.  I was amazed that this theoretical approach actually worked and
also that it is truly "cross-platform", since we have tested it on both
Mac and PC systems.

Some of the advanced audio and video applications use "Activex" controls,
which won't work with Netscape browsers, but I wanted to include the video
and audio "viewer" without requiring plug-in helper applications and
Microsoft's Activex provided a neat solution.

I did everything myself - wrote the html code, captured the video and
sound, designed the web page structure and even built the computer that
recorded the first CD-ROMs using a small faculty grant earlier this year.
Our University Academic Computing Department has been an incredible help,
providing funds for student webstations and assistance in recording the
latest CD-ROM deployment.  I wish I could say that my home department and
college of fine arts also helped, but the administration's best response
to my innovative research and computer-mediated teaching has been
indifference. No bitterness here, but I have some great stories to tell
about the administrative obstacles I faced, which were far more daunting
than the technical problems. My students, faculty peers and members of
this list provided all the encouragement I needed.

Blank CDs cost $12.99 plus tax.  I made two copies this week and will make
8 more this weekend.  One copy will go off to be reproduced in quantity,
two more are destined for publishing companies who have asked to examine
copies, the rest will travel with me to California.

I intend to give a few away to faculty peers on this list who might
provide some evaluative feedback (and perhaps ask their students to
purchase copies). I'm thinking about a $25 price tag once I have made
multiple distribution copies of the CD, which should take about 15 days
from now. I will be at the ASTR conference and will be glad to share my
experiences with others who may wish to create their own courseware for
the CD-ROM or Internet environment.

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