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Re: Theatre Event Listings GALLOUET

My apology for using the path provided by a query, but I have tried thre 
times to send a request with its own title at the  IN%queatre@uquam.ca", 
and it refuses to go through.  Hopefully, this will work.  Here is my 
On NPR Morning Edition, I heard a report about a Marivaux play _Triumph of 
Love_ (I assume it is _Le triomphe de l'amour_) being first produced last 
spring in Baltimore as a play with (I believe) a new translation, now being 
produced as a musical (!!!) at the Yale Rep. Apparently, the succes of this 
evoluetioon is such that the musical is on its way to Broadway.  
Does anyone know any thing about the Baltimore production, or at least, 
wher  and how I might be able to get info (press, whatever); ditto for the 
Yale production. I am going to try to see it: it sounded as if it was still 
I would greatly appreciate your help. I have been doing some thinking on 
the US mania to adapt French scenarii (the latest catastrophy being 
_Diabolique_; and by the way,did you hear they are filming an American version of 
Working on Marivaux, I was particularly  intrigued by the comment of one 
of the persons interviewed, who stated that the main female character was 
too strong for American audiences, and need to be toned down!!
Any way, any lead (no pun) will be greatly appreciated.

Catherine Gallouet