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Cyber Theatre Carrie Loffree


J'ai recu un message sur un projet de "performance cyber" (theatre sur
l'internet) d'une autre liste de discussion, et Andre-G Bourassa m'a
demande de vous le "forwarder".

On se "verra" au spectacle, peut-etre...

- Carrie Loffree -

P.S.  S'il y a d'autres personnes qui s'interessent au "theatre cyber",
j'aimerais bien les rencontrer!  On peut me rejoindre au carrie@dsuper.net
(pour ne pas encombrer la liste).

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>From: Juli Burk <burk@HAWAII.EDU>
>Subject:      Oudeis Performance
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>Recently Monika Wunderer posted a message to this list announcing the
>first performance in the oudeis project.  Below please find a corrected
>announcement which includes some additional information:
>Thursday, June 26th 1997
>09:00 PM Vienna
>12:00 Noon  Los Angeles
>02:00 PM Chicago
>04:00 PM Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro
>09:00 AM Honolulu
>05:00 AM June 27 Melbourne
>Museum Modern Art
>Palais Liechtenstein
>telnet://moo.hawaii.edu:9999 for a moo event mirroring Vienna
>        (try to arrive before the performance starts)
>http://www.oudeis.org/MMK for information, animations & sound
>Oudeis - a world wide odyssey
>Theater in progress, that makes use of the internet as both a tool for
>collaborative development and as a performance space.
>Among Immortals: Oudeis, an Internet Odyssey
>On June 26th 1997, The Sala Terrena of Palais Liechtenstein will become
>the hall of Olympian Zeus, a place of joyous festivity surrounded by the
>oceanic waves of the Internet.  On this occasion, the world-wide oudeis
>team will gather together in virtual space for the creation of a global
>theatrical production of part of Homer's Odyssey.  Using the medium of the
>Internet, translations of Homer's words in German will be sent into
>virtual space and come back as a multilingual translation framed by
>original musical compositions as the story of Odysseus, his wanderings,
>his companions and his opponents are created and presented.  During the
>course of the evening, the audience will be invited to participate and
>influence this act of collaborative creation that will also serve to introduce
>Argentinean composer Santiago Pereson, Austrian costume designer Ulli Noe,
>American playwright L.H. Grant, and members of the world-wide team
>(including Jim Terral from B.C., Dan Zellner from Chicago, Georg Leyrer
>from Vienna, and Andrew Garton from Melbourne) in a performance conceived
>by L.H. Grant and Monika Wunderer.
>For those attending via ATHEMOO, telnet to ATHEMOO a half hour or so
>before the performance begins.  @go oudeis to meet members of the team.
>At the time of the performance, we will go to the Schweller Theatre for a
>mirror event of the live performance in Vienna.  I recommend that you
>simultaneously connect to the website, as you will be directed there for a
>portion of the event.  Following the performance, we will return to the
>oudeis ship for a discussion.
>        http://www.oudeis.org/
>I encourage everyone to take the time to visit the oudeis homepage and set
>aside the appropriate time on the 26th to attend this world-wide
>theatrical event.
>With warm aloha,
>Juli Burk, ATHEMOO ArchWiz