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[Fwd: Irvine Conference 1998] amaya clunes

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The Irvine Hispanic Theater Research Group, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, the School of Humanities and GESTOS invite you to participate in the seventh annual UC Irvine Conference on Theater.

The 1998 conference will focus on:

1.- The state of strategies for interpreting theater, which will include:
a) critical analysis of present strategies such as: semiotics, feminism, cultural studies, postcolonial studies, performance studies, and interculturalism
b) (re)evaluating the validity of critical strategies and their applicability for understanding Latin American, US Latino and Spanish theaters as well as new trends in theatrical practices
2.- Contribution of multidisciplinary practices for the interpretation of theater such as: Anthropology, Film Studies, Photography, Arqueology, History of Art, Video, Multimedia Communication.
3.- Practical analysis of specific texts or performances from the point of view of theater as a multidisciplinary cultural practice.
4.- Pedagogy and theater: the impact of contemporary critical strategies and new teaching techniques on theater.

Papers, in English or Spanish, should preferably, but not exclusively, address the topics within Brazilian, Latin American, Portuguese, Spanish, and U.S. Latino theaters.

April 30 -May 2, 1998
University of California, Irvine

Abstracts will be accepted through January 15, 1998. Final versions of papers --10 pages maximum, in Spanish or English, should be received by March 15, 1998. Early abstracts are welcome. The two page abstract should include a short bibliography. For more information or discussion of topics contact Juan Villegas or any member of the Organizing Committee.

Registration fee: US $ 45.00

Coordinator: Juan Villegas. Secretary: Yvette Aparicio
Organizing Committee: Grace Dávila López, Alicia del Campo, Gustavo Geirola, Polly Hodge, Bárbara León, Silvia Pellarolo, Lola Proaño, Nancy Ruyter, Ernesto Silva, Claudia Villegas-Silva

Department of Spanish and Portuguese. University of California, Irvine, CA 92697. Phone: (714) 824-7171. Fax: (714) 824-2803 E-mail: gestos@uci.edu

GESTOS. Revista de Teoria y Practica del Teatro Hispanico
Department of Spanish and Portuguese. University of California. Irvine. CA 92697
(714) 824-7171 Fax: (714) 552-4820 e-mail: gestos@uci.edu

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