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Appel d'articles BOURASSA ANDRE G

Une revue de theatre fait un appel d'articles pour un numero special sur
le theatre au Canada. La revue est bilingue. Repondre directement aux
signataires du message ci-dessous, s.v.p., et non a Queatre.
Amicalement, Andre G. Bourassa.

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From: Stephen Burge Johnson <sjohnsn@MCMAIL.CIS.MCMASTER.CA>

Special Issue on Canadian Theatre Interpreted Within the Context of World

        _Theatre Research in Canada_ will publish a special issue of
comparative articles placing Canadian drama and theatre practice within
the contexts of world drama and theatre, past and present.  Papers are
invited that compare and contrast a variety of historical, cultural,
aesthetic, literary, performance and production concerns affecting both
the Canadian and the international theatre. The editors welcome papers
that are either synchronic (examining issues and practices within the same
time period) or diachronic (examining them from across different periods)
in approach.  Among the types of topics that might be explored (but not to
the exclusion of many others) are:

- the adaptation of old world forms to new world topics, interests or
situations.(eg: styles or genres like comedy, tragedy, epic, naturalism;
institutional practices such as pageants, receptions, school or garrison
theatre; their role in the cultural life of their times and places.)

- parallel thematic issues, plot or character devices or tropes across
history (eg: the bubonic plague, or Renaissance syphillis vs. AIDS; the
fallen woman, or the whore with the heart of gold, etc.)

- dramatic treatments of the same event, myth or story (historical,
archetypal, psychological, biological, personal narratives) from different
national, cultural, political or ideological points of reference.

- theatre from the margins, apart from and in resistance to theatre of the
centre (colonial and post-colonial issues; commercial vs. alternative
theatre, high culture vs. low culture)

- sponsorship, patronage and other support systems (eg: comparing varying
forms of private, commercial, institutional, corporate and state funding)

- performance: theory and practice.  Comparing conventions, traditions and
styles in directing, acting, movement, speech, dance, mime, etc.  Radical
departures from the same

- theatre audience.  The physical, cultural, economic and historical
composition of audiences and their relationship to drama and theatre as
read or performed.

- production: theory and practice.  Comparing conventions, traditions and
styles in costume, make-up, mask, set design, lighting and music, etc.
Radical departures from the same

- theatre architecture.  The physical, cultural, economic and historical
implications of theatre architecture; the impact of performance space on
performance, production and audience dynamics.

        This special issue will be guest-edited by Don Perkins (University
of Alberta) and Moira Day (University of Saskatchewan).  Submissions
should be sent directly to the Journal Office or to:

Moira Day
Department of Drama
118 Science Place (John Mitchell Building)
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 5E2
e-mail: moiraday@duke.usask.ca

Submissions should be made by March 15, 1998. Papers should be sent in
hard copy (4 copies) and should employ current MLA style. (Endnotes should
be typed at the end of the essay).  Articles are normally  no longer than
5,000 words.
        If accepted, final copy must be submitted on disk, preferably in
MS-DOS and Wordperfect, and accompanied by a printout.