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Foot Festival: apprel de presentations BOURASSA ANDRE G

Le Foot (Festival du theatre et du film de creation), de l'Universite de
Toronto, fait un appel de communications, de performances et de pieces en
chantier. Dont acte.
Amities, Andre G. Bourassa.

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Subject: Foot Festival: Works-in-Progress



1998  Festival of Original Theatre and Film
Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, University of Toronto

Metaphor and Metonymy:
Issues of Representation in the Language of Theatre and Film
January 22-25, 1998

Started in 1993, the Festival of Original Theatre and Film (F.O.O.T.) is a
student administered performance conference and arts festival sponsored by
the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama.  Our goal is to bring together
academia and the arts in cross-disciplinary exploration and discussion.
The structure of the festival combines academic conference papers, panel
discussions, readings of plays-in-progress and original performances of
theatre and film

This year's festival will explore the implications of the choices made by
artists when they represent a subject either through substitution (i.e.
metaphor) or selection of an aspect of the whole (i.e. metonymy).  While
metaphor and metonymy may be most familiar as literary figures, these
qualities are often explored visually in the theatre through image and/or

Your submission should include a first draft or complete scenario outline
plus a brief paragraph describing the manner in which this production
relates to the theme of the festival.  Those who are accepted will be
offered dramaturgical support for the further development of the play.
Works-in-progress will be showcased at the festival in the form of public
readings followed by brief, informal question-and-answer sessions.

DEADLINES FOR PROPOSALS:                14 November, 1997

Please direct your submissions or inquiries to:

Peter Cockett and Peter Eliot Weiss
Artistic Directors
Festival of Original Theatre and Film
Graduate Centre for Study of Drama
University of Toronto
214 College Street, 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario
Canada   M5T 2Z9

e-mail:  foot.graddrama@utoronto.ca
Tel. (416) 978-7986  Fax (416) 971-1378