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Periode coloniale americaine BOURASSA ANDRE G

Les historiennes et historiens de la scene du XVIIe et XVIIIe s. seront
surement interesses par la parution de ce cederom qui vient tout juste
d'etre annonce sur une liste anglophone. Il est fait d'apres les journaux
de la periode coloniale americaine.
Amities, Andre G. Bourassa.

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From: Robert M Keller <rkeller@idt.net>
Subject: The Performing Arts in Colonial American Newspapers, 1690-1783,              Database and Index, CD-ROM

The Performing Arts in Colonial American Newspapers, 1690-1783, Database
and Index, CD-ROM, is now available.  The CD-ROM contains data from
every newspaper published in the American Colonies, relating to the
performing arts; music, dance, theatre, songs and lyrics.
A sampling from the Index shows references to actors(10,826 entries),
bagpipes(168), balls(2,237), ballads(347), banjo(45), "Beggar's
Opera"(426), composers(371), dance(1,290), dancing masters(1,632),
dancing schools(1,462), drums(3,024), dulcimers(22), fiddles(2,352),
fifes(1,961), flutes(2,323), Benjamin Franklin(189), freemasons(10),
guitars(1,174), "Hamlet"(116), harps(269), Indian dances and music(296),
minuets(416), Negro dancing and music(1,394), oboes(918),
orchesography(3), organs(1,032), piano-fortes(266), plays(12728),
Shakespeare(1,243), spinets(703), theatre performances(3,801),
tunes(1,805), violins(3,996), George Washington(1), women(88).
A First Line Index of 12059 lyrics is also provided.
The database, index and collected data are all full-text searchable.
The bibliography provides a complete issue-by-issue inventory of every
paper read, including supplements, appendixes and postscripts.
A detailed description with sample pages and an order form is given at: