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La Danse en Europe joel beddows

Pour ceux et celles qui s'interessent a la danse,

Meilleurs voeux,

Joël Beddows


Dear sir, madam,

It is my great pleasure to invite you, also on behalf of the 
Dutch Society
for Dance Research, to attend the conference,

        Dance in the Netherlands 1600-2000
        New directions in historical and methodological 

which will take place at the Theater Instituut Nederland in 
Amsterdam from
April 16th-18th, 1998.

The conference aims at bringing together scholars in the 
field of dance
history, in an attempt to cover the chronological span from 
the pre-modern
era to the end of the twentieth century. Many aspects of 
dance related in
various ways to The Netherlands will be presented. In this 
way the
conference provides a good opportunity to fill in some 
blanks in the
relatively unknown history of dance in The Netherlands and 
at the same time
will make us aware of interesting areas that have been 
neglected up till
now. An important aspect within this historical context is 
the interaction
between Dutch and foreign dance. A number of prominent 
scholars will contribute to this particular theme of the 

The conference will also stimulate the discussion on 
problems and research strategies in dance history. A wide 
variety of
approaches will be presented: from biographical studies to 
of historical dance on stage, from oral history to computer 
aided analysis,
from sociological studies to critical theory in historical 
context. The aim
here is not to provoke a clash between methodologies, but 
rather to create
a growing awareness of the different problems addressed by 
the various
strategies as well as an inventory of their possibilities 
and limitations.
Such a point of departure also ensures that the 
presentations will be of
interest to `non-specialists'.

During three days your views and opinions will be challenged 
by highly
qualified speakers. The conference will make an important 
contribution to
the historiography of dance in The Netherlands and to the 
expertise of the modern dance history researcher. During the 
evenings, a
programme of Dutch contemporary dance will be offered at 
reduced ticket
prices. You will acquire new knowledge, new resources and 
shortly after the
conference you will receive the proceedings to refresh your 

Please take a few moments to study the program (below). We 
hope you will
decide to join us. For registration and all further 
questions you can
contact Maaike van Geijn or Onno Stokvis at the Theater 
Nederland. (e-mail: maaikeg@tin.nl/tel.: 0031 20 5513300)

Sincerely yours,

Onno Stokvis
Theater Instituut Nederland
Provisional Program

Thursday afternoon, April 16th


Onno Stokvis: Video Introduction to the history of Dutch 

Evening program: Visit to performance Scapino Rotterdam, 
choreography by
Andrea Leine & Harijono Roebana, Keith-Derrick Randolph and 
Georg Reischl.

Friday April 17th

Official opening

Section 1:=20
F. Naerebout: '6 harte met sprinveere, 6 dito van kooper 
draait met 12
lampies', dance and high society in The Hague during the 
second half of the
eighteenth century.=20
M. Angad Gaur: The Dutch court in the 17th century

Section 2:
V. Mlakar: The Netherlands during the XVII/XVIII century; a 
centre of
cultural exchange between Germany and France.=20
S. Odom: Dalcroze's Dutch Collaborators.

Section 3:
R. van Ginkel: The dangers of dancing. Foreign vs. Folk 
dances and the
politics of culture.=20
E.R Zwiep Van 't Hof: Tulip time in Holland, Michigan: The 
klompen dances.

Panel discussion: The identity of Dutch dance

Section 4:                      =09
R. Blokland & J.E Mebius: Artibodies, a programming approach 
for simulating
and controlling human figures by computer.

Evening program:=20
Visit to performance Rotterdamse Dansgroep, choreography by 
Rick Kam and
Jacopo Godani=20

Saturday April 18th
Section 1:=09
L. Mutsaers: A postdisciplinary approach to popular dance 
culture research.=
A. Aalten: Whatever happened to Olga de Haas? A biographical 
approach to
body politics in ballet.=20

Section 2:=09
J. Burgering: Lucas Hoving; the circle that goes around. E. 
Van Schaik:
Hans van Manen.
R. Laermans & P. van Gielen:  Researching "the Flemish Dance 
methods, problems, perspectives.=20

Section 3:=09
L. Naidu: The impact of Nederlands Dans Theatre tours abroad 
with specific
references to Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.=20
N. Jackson: 'Dancing Dutchman: No Wooden Shoes'; American 
reviews of Jir=ED
Kyli=E1n's choreography.=20
University of Amsterdam; P. Eversmann, E. Welschen, M. 
Kassens, R. Martens:
Intercultural aspects and methods of Dutch dance research.

Section 4:
Discussion: Methodological directions in dance research=20
Conference review by Joan Erdman

Closing session=20