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Personnages Arique/Indes occid. XVIIe/XVIII BOURASSA ANDRE G

Un membre nouvellement inscrit, de l'Universite Tulane, a la
Nouvelle-Orleans, fait des recherches sur les personnages d'Afrique et des
Indes occidentales sur les scenes des XVIIe et XVIIIe siecles.
Amities, Andre G. Bourassa.

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> I would be grateful if anyone could help me with the following questions,
> pr point me to a source that discusses this issue. 
>> How many  of the operas, opera-ballets, comedie-ballets etc. of the late
> seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, represent Africans in the
> 'divertissement',  (rather than, for example, "sauvages americains")? Do some
> of the operas/ballets that are about 'les Indes', or have 'les Indes' in their
> title, refer to Indes occidentales rather than orientales?
> Thank you.
> Madeleine Dobie,
> Tulane University