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Je m'excuse d'afficher ce message en anglais. Je n'avais pas le temps de le
traduire en francais. 

I am the Dramaturg for Teesri Duniya Theatre, a Montreal-based company
devoted to producing socially and politically relevant plays within a
culturally inclusive mandate. At present I am curating an international
playreading series entitled OTHER FIRES which will be held from October
through May at The Centaur (our co-presenter), Montreal's largest
English-language theatre. 

We are  seeking plays written or translated into English that have been
successfully produced in their country of origin within the past ten years.
Of particular interest are plays from cultures rarely represented on
Canadian stages, that reflect the sensibility and theatrical style of the
culture in question, and that offer insight into issues or situations
pertinent to that culture.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions--brief descriptions of plays and
authors, contact information and any other relevant details anyone would
like to share. Whenever possible we will have guest foreign directors
staging the readings, and are also seeking resource people who can be part
of the event as advisors, speakers, or key participants in the post-reading
discussions. If anyone suggests a play and would be interested in being
considered as a director or resource person, please let me know.

If you'd simply like to be added to our mailing list, please let me
know--brochures will be ready in late August. OTHER FIRES promises to be
quite an exciting event.  

The E-mail address at the Teesri Duniya Theatre is <tduniya@aei.ca>. Our
fax number is 514-848-0267. The telephone number is 514-848-0238. And
finally, our mailing address is 4324 boul St. Laurent, 2nd floor, Montreal,
Quebec, H2W 1Z3, CANADA.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Shelley Tepperman