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225 pieces ukrainiennes ou canado-ukrainiennes BOURASSA ANDRE G

Voici un message publie en anglais sur la liste Candrama qui pourrait
interesser certains d'entre vous. Une famille vient de faire don de 225
pieces ukrainiennes et canado-ukrainiennes. Elles ont ete deposees a la
bibliotheque de l'Univerersite de Toronto, dans la collection Thomas
Amities, Andre G. Bourassa.

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From: Kathy Chung <kchung@CHASS.UTORONTO.CA>

   Re: A donation of 225 Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian
       plays to the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, U of Toronto.

Just read this in an article about 1997 donations to the library in the
June 1998 issue of _The Halcyon_, a publication from the Thomas Fisher
Rare Book Library, p.3:

"Dr. and Mrs. Wynnyckyj donated 225 Ukrainian plays.  Some were brought to
their new homeland by immigrants and represent the kind of drama that was
important enough for these people to include in their belongings.  This
archive also indicates the continuity of this interest, many of these
plays being performed time and time again in church or town halls,
theatres and gymnasia, many written by and performed by
Ukrainian-Canadians.  It will prove to be a major resource for scholars
interested in the history of Canadian drama, as well as documenting an
important aspect of Ukrainian-Canadian culture."

You can contact the Fisher at:

   Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
   University of Toronto
   120 St George Street, 1st Fl.
   Toronto, ON
   tel (416) 978-5285

Cheers!  --- Kathy.
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