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Fwd: Announcing Nativetheatre list Andre G. Bourassa

Certains dd'entre vous avez parfois manifesté un intérêt particulier pour
la culture amérindienne, qu'il s'agisse de rituel ou de théâtre proprement
dit. Si vous lisez l'anglais, une nouvelle liste de discussion répondra
probablement à certaines de vos attentes. Vous en trouverez l'adresse
Amitiés, André G. Bourassa.

>Announcing a new listserv for professionals and academics in Native theater.
>The Nativetheater List is up and running. This is presently an unmoderated
>list expressly designed for the discussion of academic and production news
>and topics in Native theater. This may include but is not necessarily
>limited to the following: announcements of conferences, competitions,
>performances, publications; questions regarding the teaching or production
>of scripts by Native authors; queries for artists or academics interested
>in performance or residency opportunities; questions relevant to academic
>research. In other words, posts should be academically or professionally
>relevant. While the list is currently unmoderated, listowners will
>privately contact the authors of irrelevant posts.
>To subscribe, e-mail to <petidomo@staff.lib.muohio.edu> the message
>(without quotation marks) "subscribe nativetheater". Leave the subject line
>blank. For example, the subscription heading and message would look like
>To: petidomo@staff.lib.muohio.edu
>From: Name <xxx@xxxx.xxx>
>subscribe nativetheater
>Listowners are William Wortman <wortmawa@miamilink.lib.muohio.edu>, Special
>Collections Librarian who oversees the Native American Women's Playwrights
>Archive, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and Ann Haugo <a-haugo@uiuc.edu>,
>Ph.D. Candidate in Theatre/Women's Studies at the University of
>Illinois--Urbana-Champaign. Please contact either of us for further
>information regarding this list.
>Special thanks to the Native American Women's Playwrights Archive of Miami
>University for sponsoring this list. See http://www.lib.muohio.edu/nawpa.
>Ann Haugo