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CFP - Le Corps et l'Esprit Diane Duffrin


Call for Papers

Le Corps et L'Esprit in French Cultural Production
UCLA French Graduate Students'
Fourth Interdisciplinary Conference

April 16-17, 1999

Guest Speaker: Toril Moi
Respondents: Lynn Hunt and Malina Stefanovska


The relationship between body and mind has been a site of continual
ideological and aesthetic conflict.  French writers from Rabelais to Michel
Foucault have offered influential models, conceptions, and images of this
tension.  In each historical period, the interaction of le corps et l'esprit
undergoes reexamination and takes on different forms.  How do particular
cultural circumstances illuminate the relationship of body and mind?  How
does this relationship uphold or undermine power structures, customs or
social conventions at a particular moment in history?

This interdisciplinary conference welcomes papers examining French and
Francophone cultural production from the perspective of literature,
philosophy, sociology, history, politics, anthropology, psychology, art,
religion, music, film.  Proposals are invited to explore any aspect of le
corps et l'esprit from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
* Masculinized/femininized modes of being
* Myths and ideologies of the body
* Cartesianism and its alternatives
* Transcendence and embodiment in the arts
* Human or political bodies
* The intellect and the erotic
* Representations of the self
* The "personal and the philosophical"
* Custom and fashion

Please submit a one-page abstract (papers may be given in either French or
English) along with your name, addresses (mailing and electronic), phone
number(s), and academic affiliation to the email address (preferable) or to
the UCLA Department of French address below.  All submissions must be
postmarked by MARCH 15, 1999.  Papers are scheduled for a 20-minute reading
time.  Selected papers will be published in a special conference issue of
Paroles Gelées, the graduate student journal of the UCLA Department of

Le Corps et l'Esprit
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