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Nouveaux sites de thtre etc. en anglais Serge Ouaknine

Forward to Queatre theatre and other things

    les sites sur le thtre  peuvent t intresser -----

A  new theatre site from Clair Sedore:
 and will be, a work in progress. These webpages offer information on
theatres (current and demolished, renovated and abandoned)in the three
major  theatre cities of the world: New York, London, and Torontoas well as
other  important theatres throughout North America, The British Isles and
Europe.  It is an excellent site not only for theatre fans, but for
academics and  theatre students. You can spend minutes or days on your
research. Important  facts are featured for every theatre, and if known,
such things as seating  capacity, important plays, year built or
demolished.This research is  part of Clair's book, and of 50 years of
theatregoing in all corners of the  World. It is a work of love, and
hopefully some of it will rub off on our  future theatre fans! The site can
save you money on theatre tickets, will  let you know what is on in
principal cities, and can also help you plan a  holiday. Clair welcomes
your comments, help or criticisms at: 927121@ican.net.  { Clair Sedore.
} ------------------------------------------------------------------American  Ba
llet Theatre:
Elegant and well-conceived site for information on the
performances,people, and history of the American Ballet Theatre. The
refinement of the design captures the graceful beauty of the ballet, and
the  ABT's exemplary reputation in the world of both classical and
contemporary ballet. The company of dancers is elevated to a celebrated
status with personal biographies including pictures. The photo gallery and
archives offer rare images of and extensive records on all the dancers,
choreographers, composers, designers, and others involved with the ABT,
dating back to its first season(1940), accompanied by full synopses of
every  ballet in the ABT's repertory. Another strong feature is the online
ballet  dictionary containing some 170 classical ballet terms with videos
and  photographsof ABT dancers demonstrating  moves. Also included is
general material on the current season's performances, with synopses, a
calendar of events, and ticket prices, along with casting and educational
opportunities for dancers and students.
---------------------------------------------------------------The  Royal
Lyceum Theatre Company:Material about this professional theater  company in
Edinburgh,Scotland. Includes ticket information, performance
schedules,directions to the theater, and details about current and
upcomingproductions. Features a wealth of theater knowledge in the form of
a virtual tour that covers almost all aspects of running a theater from
production development to staging and casting to marketing andmanagement,
along with useful theater terms and a history of theLyceum Theatre
building.  http://www.infoser.com/infotheatre/lyceum/
Theatre Guide--OnlineComprehensive, searchable guide to the current London
theatre season. Includes a newsletter, an extensive index of plays, reviews
of current and past productions, photos, seating plans for several
theatres,  a map of the theatre district, ticket information, a bulletin
board, and  links to venue homepages, tours, production companies, and
`,,``,,``,,``,,`Ford's  Theatre
National Historic Site:Detailed history of Ford's Theatre and John  Wilkes
Booth'sassassination of Abraham Lincoln. Includes descriptions of
artifacts, a chronology, a biography of Booth, and Ford's Theatre  visitor
information with a current theater schedule. Basic site description  is
also available in several languages other than English.
Database of festivals in 50 countries throughout the world.  Coversmusic
festivals, dance and theater events, fiestas and parades,  artexhibitions,
and film festivals. Offers a brief description of each  event along with
contact information. The listings are searchable by  date, continent,
country, and category and are available in Englishand  French.
Comprehensive tourism information and online travel agency.  Travelservices
include access to published airfares, air and  hotelreservations, flight
schedules, and e-mail updates on fares to  selected locations. Expedia
magazine offers video tours of  populardestinations, travel tips from
experts, and feature articles. The  maps section provides an address finder
for the U.S. and a worldwide  place finder. Additional highlights of this
top-of-the-line travel  resource are a currency converter, an extensive
hotel guide, links to  worldwide weather reports, and an enormous directory
of links for specific  locales around the world and other travel
information.Community resources  consist of chats, bulletin boards, and
users' travel suggestions ("From  Experience").
Cutting-edge  provider of travel information and services. Includes a
reservation service  for flights, accommodations, cars, cruises, and
vacation packages, as well  as destination materials covering specific
entertainment, events,  attractions, exchange rates, and weather along with
maps, photographs,  videos, and feature articles. Also offers "Travelive"
chat with special  guests, a monthly contest,bulletin boards, and
travel-related merchandise  available for purchase. A thorough tour of this
site is a virtual world  expedition!
,``,,``,,`Rick's  Caf Americain:
Anything and everything Bogart can be found on this extensive  and
fascinating site. Want to know about Bogart himself, or about his  films?
The images, video, sound and more available here makesRick's Cafe
Americain an excellent place to start.
----------------------------------------------------------Live  Radio on
the Internet:
This site provides an extremely well thought out and  executed front end
for links to radio stations around the world providing  live audio feeds
over the Internet.
to the World of Classical Rock:
A truly superb site containing all you ever  knew but have long forgotten
about the music of the Beatles, Jean-Michel  Jarre, Pink Floyd, Queen, Led
Zeppelin and Yes. For each you can examine  the tracks on all of their LPs,
and, in many cases, downloadMIDI files  of them. Quite outstanding: a "must
visit" site for any child of the sixties  or seventies!
Celtic Music Archive:
The site claims to be the home of Celtic music on the  Internet: and it
really is a vast, well organised and all-round excellent  resource.
Reviews, tunes, music files, instruments, and Celtic dance are  among some
of the topics given in-depth coverage on the site: and there is  an
extensive collection of links to other related sites.
Women's Conference:
Internationally known artists, musicians and authors will  be featured
during the second annual Celtic Women's Conference: Oct. 7-9  in Milwaukee,
Wis. The conference will present workshops, entertainment and  topics of
interest to Celtic women worldwide. The Celtic nations are  Ireland,
Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, Isle of Man and  Galicia."Last year's
conference was a combination vacation and family  reunion for some of the
participants," said Jean Bills, president of  Celtic Women International.
"Eleven members of the Quinn family traveled to  Milwaukee from various
parts of the United States and Canada. They had such  a great time, they're
making it an annual event."All activities will  take place at the Irish
Cultural and Heritage Center, 2133 W. Wisconsin  Avenue, in downtown
Milwaukee.Presenteres include Diana Gabaldon, who writes  Scottish romance,
science fiction and historical fiction, and Morgan  Lewellyn, an author of
historical and contemporary fiction. Both have had  books on the New York
Times Best-Seller's List. Co-masters of   ceremonies are Mary Ryan,
co-producer of "American Celtic Television"  inNew York, and Geraint
Wilkes, a Welsh tenor who will bring a  repertoire of Celtic stories and
Welsh humor.Registration is $75 to $125  for both days.For more
information, call Jean Bills at 414-257-3770 or visit  the Celtic Women
International web site at:
,``,,``,,`Canadian  Museum of Flight:
This wonderful website showcases the Museum's collection of  restored
aircraft and also has a children's section, an aviation art  gallery, gift
shop, and a history section that includes stories of Canadian  aviators.
Sign-up  for a free membership and enjoy MovieFlix.com's giantcollection of
online  feature films. There are classic short andfeature length films in a
variety  of categories. Other featuresof the site include movie trivia,
celebrity  birthdays, hollywoodnews, etc. You'll probably want a fast
connection, but  it'sworth it.
-----------------------------------------------------------Pfizer  FunZone:
Children can create a chemical reaction, get up-close and  personal with an
ant and even build their own compass all by logging  onto Pfizer's new
interactive science web site. As the name reflects, the  FunZone teaches
science in a lively and colorful setting that appeals to  children.  The
site's interactive games, experiments for the home and  classroom and
plethora of engaging scientific facts and information is  designed to
entertain and enlighten children and students 8-14years old.
-----------------------------------------------------------Mister  Rogers'
It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood for Mister  Rogers fans on May 4
when PBS Online debuted a comprehensive Web site  for "Mister Rogers'
Neighborhood, the popular, esteemed children's  television show. The site
includes funs events andactivities suitable for  the whole family.
The  following are some quality resourcesi have come across while
publishing  andpromoting "Rob's
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