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Colloque: Verite, Memoire, Imagination et Fiction BOURASSA ANDRE G

Voici un ppel de présentations pour un colloque de jeunes chercheurs. On 
spécifie que les conférenciers peuvent s'adresser au public en français.
Le sujet convient bien au théâtre: nous savons depuis Aristote qu'il 
navigue entre le vrai et le vraisemblable.
Amitiés, André G. Bourassa.

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Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 19:37:42 -0400
From: Elena Ivanova <ivanovae@BC.EDU>
Subject: CFP: Truth, Memory, Imagination, and Fiction


The Eighth Annual Graduate Conference on Romance Studies at Boston

call for papers

March 17-18, 2000
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA

This conference seeks to explore the representation of reality in
Italian, Hispanic, French and Francophone literatures. How have
literary texts created, imagined, and constructed the illusion of
reality? Where is the margin between "true" and "fictive" texts? How
does memory follow or betray reality? 
Comparative literature and interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged
especially those exploring links between literatures and art, film,
history, religion, music, psychology, anthropology, and others. Some
of the possible session topics include, but are not limited to: 

* Memory and Truth in the Fictive Text
* Spirituality, Imagination, Corporality and Material Objects. 
* Signs, Symbols, and Reality. 
* Imagined Community and the (Constructed) Self. 
* Voices from the Margins in the Construction of Reality. 
* Truth, Imagination, and the Fantastic. 

Papers in English, French, Italian and Spanish will be limited to a
reading time of 20 minutes.

Please submit three copies of an anonymous abstract with an attached
cover letter providing the author's name, department, addresses
(mailing and electronic), and phone number(s). Indicate also is any
audiovisual aid will be needed for the presentation. Submissions must
be postmarked by December 20, 1999

Presenters from out of town can be hosted with graduate students from
the department.

A selection of papers will be published in the journal for literary
criticism  _Romance Review_

Address all submissions to:
Ms. Suzanne Kleiner, secretary
Dept. of Romance Languages and Literatures Lyons 304
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
tel: (617) 552-3820
fax: (617) 552-2064

Address all inquiries to:
Organizing Committee  
Graduate Conference on Romance Studies 
Dept. of Romance Languages and Literatures
Boston College 
Chestnut Hill, MA 02167 
tel: (617) 552-3820 
fax: (617) 552-2064 

De todos instrumentos yo, libro, só pariente: 
bien o mal, qual puntares, tal te dirá ciertamente. 
Qual tú dezir quisieres, ´y faz punto, ´y, ten te; 
si me puntar sopieres, sienpre me avrás en miente. 


Elena Ivanova 
PhD student in Medieval Spanish and Italian
Editor, Romance Review 
Dept. of Romance Languages and Literatures 
Boston College 
Chestnut Hill MA 02167