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ADSA Conference: Appel Victor Emeljanow

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Australasian Drama Studies Association Conference

In 2000, the ADSA  Conference will be held in Newcastle on the theme of
Performance and Spectacle. This inclusive and wide-ranging theme is
particularly appropriate in the year of the Sydney Olympics. Submissions are
welcomed on any aspect of performance and spectacle, including for example:
* An interrogation of the terms ‘performance’ and ‘spectacle’
* spectacle in theatrical performance
* theatrical performance as spectacle
* the urban environment as spectacle
* street demonstrations, processions and performances
* festival and ceremonial performances
* the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies
* site-specific performances
* theme parks
* virtual, cyber or interactive performance, video games 
* the interrelation between spectacle and e.g. intercultural, multimedia,
feminist and physical performance, opera and dance

Submissions on other topics relevant to the conference theme will also be welcomed.
Abstracts of proposed papers, presentations and performances (which must be of
either 20 or 30 minutes length, including any illustrations) should be
forwarded to:

ADSA 2000 Conference Convenors
Department of Drama,
University of Newcastle
University Drive,  Callaghan 2308

Email: dmjet@cc.newcastle.edu.au

Fax (02) 49 21 6927 

by 03/03/2000