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La critique theatrale au Canada Anglais Anton Wagner

Chers collegues,

Je me permets de signaler la parution du livre suivant: Anton Wagner, ed.
Establishing Our Boundaries: English-Canadian Theatre Criticism. Toronto:
University of Toronto Press, 1999. ISBN 0-8020-4115-9. 416 p. $60.

Meilleurs voeux,
Dr. Anton Wagner


"Establishing Our Boundaries: English-Canadian Theatre
Criticism"--Anton Wagner


"From Puffery to Criticism--William Lyon Mackenzie, Joseph Howe
and Daniel Morrison: Theatre Criticism in Halifax and Toronto
1826-1857"--Patrick O'Neill


"The Critic as Reviewer: E.R. Parkhurst at the Toronto Mail
and Globe 1876-1924"--Ross Stuart

"The Cosmopolitan, the Cultural Nationalist and the Egocentric
Critic: Harriet Walker, Charles W. Handscomb and Charles H.
Wheeler in Winnipeg 1898-1906"--Douglas Arrell

Cultural Nationalism:

"Hector Willoughby Charlesworth and the Nationalization of
Cultural Authority 1890-1945"--Denis Salter

"Saving the Nation's Aesthetic Soul: B.K. Sandwell at the
Montreal Herald 1900-1914 and Saturday Night 1932-1951"
--Anton Wagner

"Becoming Actively Creative: Dr. Lawrence Mason, The Globe's
Critic 1924-1939"--Anton Wagner

"Herbert Whittaker, Reporting From the Front: Montreal Gazette
1937-1949 and the Globe and Mail 1949-1975"--Jennifer Harvie and
Richard Paul Knowles

"Criticism in a Canadian Social Context: Nathan Cohen's Theatre
Criticism 1946-1971"--Don Rubin

"In Hope and Anger: Oscar Ryan at the Canadian Tribune 1955-1988" --Mayte

"The Classical Humanist: Jamie Portman at the Calgary Herald
1959-1975 and the Southam News Service 1975-1987"--Moira Day

"The Archetypal Enthusiast: Urjo Kareda at the Toronto Star
1971-1975"--Denis Johnston

"The Critic as Cultural Nationalist: Don Rubin at the Toronto
Star 1968-1972 and the Canadian Theatre Review 1974-1983"
--Ira Levine

The Post-Nationalist Period:

"Subverting Modernisms in B.C.: Christopher Dafoe at the
Vancouver Sun 1968-1975"--James Hoffman

"Journalist or Critic?: Brian Brennan at the Calgary Herald
1975-1988"--Diane Bessai

"The Iconoclast Sceptic on the Beat: Gina Mallet at the Toronto
Star 1976-1984"--Alan Filewod

"Establishing Contact Between Two Cultures: Marianne Ackerman at
the Montreal Gazette 1983-1987"--Leanore Lieblein

"Theatre: Transgression or Tribal Celebration--Ray Conlogue at
the Globe and Mail 1978-1998"--Robert Nunn

Selected Bibliography:--Anton Wagner

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Cher Anton,
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discussion en français sur le théâtre.
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