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Re: Tchekhov Brigitte & Stéphane

«It is characteristic of Chekhov that a few hours before he died he sat
up in bed, making up a humorous story at which his wife was able to
laugh wholeheartedly [de bon coeur]. Neither of them realized how near
was his end until he awoke the same night, feeling very ill, and asked
her to send for the doctor. Chekhov said to him: "I am dying". The
doctor ordered ice to be put on his heart. "You don't need to put ice on
an empty heart," said Chekhov. The doctor then gave him champagne.
Chekhov sat up, smiled, and said to his wife: "It's long since I last
drank champagne!" He emptied his glass, leaned back,  and died - without
a long-drawn-out agony and apparently without pain.»  — Elisaveta Fen
(in  A. Chekhov, _PLAYS_, Penguin , 1959, p.30)

Cher  Jean-Jacques Delfour,

Veuillez excuser mon anglais mais..
You may keep your death of Tchekhov.
And I'll keep mine.




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