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TR: Shakespeare Authorship and The Canon Joël Beddows

Bonjour d'Ottawa,

Voici une conférence qui risque d'intéresser certains d'entre vous, surtout
ceux et celles qui ont le plaisir d'habiter la ville de Québec...  Il y a
une production d'un texte du grand bard au Trident cet automne, n'est-ce

Bien à vous,

Joël Beddows

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De : Luella Massey [mailto:l.massey@utoronto.ca]
Envoyé : Friday, September 22, 2000 10:08 PM
À : Graduate English
Objet : Shakespeare Authorship and The Canon

Authorship and the Canon
an international conference

On the weekend of October 20-21, 2000, scholars will gather at The
Robert Gill Theatre at the University of Toronto for an international
conference.  The focus of the conference is Shakespeare; but not the
bard of the generally accepted canon.

Since the dawn of Shakespearean scholarship, the authorship of certain
Elizabethan plays has been in question. This conference will deal with
various open questions concerning texts connected in one way or other
with the name of Shakespeare, offering an opportunity to explore textual
and theatrical issues with an unusually  broad scope.  A production of
KING EDWARD III (which was recently published by The New Cambridge
Shakespeare) will be presented in conjunction with the conference. This
will be the North American premiere production of the most recent play
to be attributed to the Elizabethan master poet.

These prominent international scholars are scheduled to speak:

John h. astington (U. of Toronto)
Alan Dessen (U. of North Carolina)
John Jowett (Shakespeare Institute)
Alexander Leggatt (U. of Toronto)
Jill Levenson (U. of Toronto)
Randall Martin (U. of New Brunswick)
Richard Proudfoot (King's College, U. of London)
Ann Thompson (King's College, U. of  London)
Leslie Thomson (U. of Toronto)
Paul Werstine (U. of Western Ontario)
Paul Yachnin (U. of British Columbia)

To register for the conference,
email the following information to  l.massey@utoronto.ca
OR BY FAX TO 416-971-1378

1. Name
2. University and Departmental affiliation
3. Are you a student, professor, other?
4. Address including phone, fax, and e-mail
5. Do you intend to see a performance of Edward III on Friday Oct 20?
6. How did you find out about the conference?

Authorship and the Canon
an international conference
presented by The Graduate Centre for Study of Drama,
at the Robert Gill Theatre, 214 College St
Oct 20-21, 2000
Registration $40 (includes Edward III), Grad Students $10/ U. of T.
students free (ID)
Conference Conveners: John H. Astington and Domenico Pietropaolo
For information: http://gradrama.sa.utoronto.ca/shakespeare/