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Message en anglais gervais jean

Le messagesuivant nous est parvenu en anglais seulement. Il annonce un
changement à la direction d'EMF (Études sur la France faites aux USA). J'ai
cru qu'il pouvait intéresser certains d'entre nous.

Jean Gervais


From: "Ronald W. Tobin" <rwtobin@humanitas.ucsb.edu>
To: queatre@uqam.ca
Subject: Early Modern French Studies
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Dear Colleagues,

 Anne L. Birberick (Northern Illinois University) and
 Russell J. Ganim (University of Nebraska, Lincoln) will
 succeed me as editor of EMF: Studies in Early Modern
 and EMF Critiques.

 Their first volume of the annual will be 9 (2003), "The
 Biographical Criticism," now being planned in
 with George Hoffmann (University of Michigan). Their
 EMF Critique will appear in 2002.

 I will remain responsible for EMF 6, 7, and 8, the 2000
 2001 lists of EMF Critiques, and one Critique long in
 preparation for 2003.

 Rookwood Press will continue to produce the titles, and
 distribution will still be assured by Ingram,
 Champion, and Slatkine.

 Wishing Anne and Russ the best of luck, I also thank my
 colleagues for their advice and encouragement since the
 inception of this project - almost fifteen years and
 than a score of books ago - with Continuum.

 David Lee Rubin
 Professor of French
 University of Virginia

Ronald W. Tobin
Acting Chair, Dept. of French and Italian
Professor of French Literature
University of California,
Santa Barbara, CA 93106


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