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Apppel de conferences BOURASSA ANDRE G

Colloque d'études supérieures qui peut intéresser certains des membres de
Cordialement, André G. Bourassa.
From: Pierre Force <pf3@COLUMBIA.EDUU>

The Graduate Students of
Columbia University Department of French and Romance Philology & New
York University Department of French are pleased to announce their first
joint conference

(Un) Framing the Text

Integral to any literary text is a double movement of framing:
enclosed in a certain space by a number of conventions and rules,
the literary work simultaneously seeks to outline its own subject
matter. Whether through techniques of interior self-reflection or
through an exploration of structural and thematic boundaries, this
movement of textual framing demonstrates writing’s constant
testing of its own limits. This conference investigates the
borders of the literary work by examining both the margins of
literature and the very convention of the self-reflective frame,
la mise en abyme. How can the status and validity of the literary
text be rethought from an exploration of the margins of
literature? How does the self-reflective text investigate the
limits and boundaries of literature? What can be learned about
writing’s ultimate interest in itself by an interrogation from
both inside and out?

February 6, 2004
Columbia University

•Theoretical considerations and historical perspectives on the
mise en abyme
•Le théâtre dans le théâtre / le récit dans le récit •Réduplications,
dédoublements et effets de miroir / réflexions
•Metalepsis / narrative transgressions / pseudo diegesis / illusion
•Artistic intersections: literature, painting, and cinema •Appropriation
and creation: status of the narrator and the reader •Métalangage et

February 7, 2004
New York University

•The literary work isolated from a canonical and archetypical
•Modes of transcending the text – intertextuality, paratextuality:
transfers, mutations, cross-references
•Forms of marginalization: isolation, prison, exile, migration •Ways of
life: marginality experienced as difference (social,
political, ethnic, etc.), as illness (schizophrenia, AIDS)
•The status of literary output in a climate of globalization of
•Distortion of the literary discourse through the concept of
normalité: multiple modalities?

We welcome 300-word abstracts – in French or English – for papers
relating to this topic in French and Francophone literature.
Subjects are not limited to the aforementioned topics.  Reading
time will be limited to 20 minutes.  Please specify about which
subject you prefer to speak.

Please submit your abstract with title and contact information by
30 October 2003 at this common e-mail address  nyucu-
jointconf@columbia.edu or at the following address:

Attn. Graduate Student Conference, Columbia University, Department
of French and Romance Philology, Philosophy Hall, 1150 Amsterdam
Avenue, New York, NY 10027
Attn. Alina Cherry, New York University, Department of French, 19
University Place, 6th floor, New York, NY 10003, Attn. Graduate
Student Conference



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