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Recherche d'un Directeur Ronald W. Tobin

Title: Recherche d'un Directeur
Chers collegues,
        L'Universite de Californie annonce la recherche d'un Directeur de son Institut d'Ete d'Etudes Francaises et Francophones.


The Department of French and Italian at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is seeking to fill the position of Director of its Summer Institute of French and Francophone Studies, effective September 1, 2005. The Institute is now celebrating its 28th year of operation, and has been acclaimed for its intellectual richness and its practical orientation. It is a full language immersion program that currently employs visiting faculty from the United States and France, as well as faculty from UCSB. It enrolls approximately 20 students (mostly primary and secondary teachers from public and private schools) who complete an M.A. in French in three six-week Summer Sessions.

The Director is expected to become oriented with the program as Associate Director for the summer of 2005 and to assume the Directorship as of  September 1, 2005. Candidates must hold or have held a senior academic or research position. Administrative skills are desirable. Native or near-native fluency in French is essential. A distinguished publication and teaching record is indispensable for appointment to the faculty of any campus of the University of California, including appointment of the visiting faculty member who will serve as Director of the Institute. The Ph.D. is required, but the area of specialization is open.

The appointment of the Institute Director is for the summer term only. The Institute Director's responsibilities include administrative preparation for the Summer Institute during the year while the Director is in residence at his/her home institution. Administration of the program and teaching one course require residence on the UCSB campus during each Summer Session. The teaching appointment for summer 2005 is June 19 to July 30.  Salary for the teaching appointment is by agreement and there may be an additional annual administrative stipend depending on enrollments in the Summer Institute.

The Department is especially interested in candidates who can contribute to the diversity and excellence of the academic community through research, teaching, and service.

Please send letter of application, up-to-date Curriculum Vitae, including List of Publications, and at least three letters of recommendation from colleagues familiar with your work and/or professional expertise, by October 22, 2004  to:

        University of California, Santa Barbara    
        Summer Sessions
        Summer Institute of French and Francophone Studies
       2214  SAASB
        Santa Barbara, California 93106-2010

E-mail contact: Professor Catherine Nesci, Chair, Department of French
and Italian: cnesci@french-ital.ucsb.edu

Department website: http://www.french-ital.ucsb.edu

Institute website:  http://www.summersessions.ucsb.edu/frenchwebpage.html

UCSB is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Ronald W. Tobin, Professor
Department of French and Italian
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
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