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Appel de projets de communication David Vivian

Chères collègues
veuillez trouver ci-joint l'appel de projets de communication pour le 
prochain Congrès du groupe de travail de scénographie de La Fédération 
internationale pour la recherche théâtrale, <<THE NEW SPACE OF 
AUTHENTICITY>> ,  à Prague le 17 - 19 juin, 2007.

Le groupe se consacre à l'étude de la scénographie comme discipline 
distincte au sein du champ plus vaste que constitue la recherche théâtrale. 
Il étudie l'interrelation existant entre les arts visuels, l'espace théâtral 
et la représentation.

Le sujet (la scénographie et l'identité régionale/virtuelle) sera très 
saisissant pour une communauté si occupée avec l'identité nationale.  Ouvert 
aux chercheurs et plasticiens, on vous invite à communiquer avec nous.



PRAGUE 17-18-19 JUNE 2007

The Scenography Working Group of the International Federation of Theatre 
Research in special collaboration with the Theatre Institute in Prague will 
meet on the occasion of the Prague Quadrennial in Prague in June of 2007. 
The Prague Quadrennial will be held June 14-24, 2007.
The Prague Quadrennial is the pre-eminent international meeting of 
practitioners, architects, and students of scenography. Held every four 
years under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic 
and the Theatre Institute in Prague, this event provides for the rich 
exchange of ideas and creative discourse on many levels.
The Commissioner of the Prague Quadrennial in 2007, the noted scholar and 
author of many volumes on scenographic history and practice, Professor 
Arnold Aronson is encouraging the meetings of international theatre 
organizations during the Prague Quadrennial. Following the successful 
conference held during the PQ in 2003, the Scenography Working Group is 
delighted to collaborate with other organizations such as the Theatre 
Architecture Working Group of the IFTR and the Theatre Institute in 2007. 
It is our intention to participate in a collaborative series of events among 
these groups (including public presentations) with the purpose of providing 
a forum for exchange among researchers and practitioners gathered for the 
In this period of new realities for theatre and performance practice and 
study in the Central and Eastern European Communities, and in order to 
capitalize upon the presence of a record number of participating countries 
at the PQ in 2007, the Conveners of Scenography Working Group are inviting 
proposals of interest addressing the topic of:

The Scenography Working Group proposes to organize the meeting around the 
following questions, all of which address the central question: what is at 
stake in constructing the 'authentic'?
-          In the post-communist world, how do we re-assemble our identities 
in the re-organization of the European continent and its relationship to the 
East and West. How de we determine a new authenticity? How is it 
manufactured in scenographic practice?
-          How and why is 'authenticity' used as a fiction to underwrite 
particular agendas (e.g. nation states, period style, conventions of theater 
-          How do we make our traditions comprehensible in a world of 
forces', and how is this manifest in scenographic practice?
-          How does the scenographic event respond to the concepts of 
-          How and why does the search for the 'authentic' inform local 
scenographic practice and how can it be distinct from cosmopolitan model? Or 
does it need to be?
-           What is the significance of authenticity for a discipline rooted 
in material artifacts (e.g. set, lighting, sound, costume, etc).
-          How does the visual text 'tell' a story (or influence particular 
responses to the theoretical event)?
-          How might theatre and its infrastructure as a heritage site, 
touristic performance and site, community event, or even dystopic vision 
establish new signification in the theatre practice of the eastern European 
and other regions?

Proposals should relate to one or more of the above questions.  Interested 
researchers and practitioners should forward their proposal of 200-250 words 
and an accompanying 150 word biography (with their institutional 
affiliations). Proposals will be accepted in both English and French. Nous 
sommes très heureux à accueillir les projets de communication et de 
présentation en français.  Presentations will be time-limited and would 
normally be accompanied be the desired audio-visual media. All presenters 
will be given an opportunity to participate in collegial discussion 
following their presentations.

Proposals should be sent to Dr Dominika Larionow (University of Lodz - 
Poland) at larionow@gazeta.pl and Professor David Vivian (Brock University - 
Canada) at dvivian@brocku.ca.
We encourage you to contact us as early as possible and no later than March 
21, 2007.

Selected papers may be considered for publication.
Please note that the scheduled dates of the meeting will be confirmed.

Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to join IFTR/FIRT. For more 
information about the benefits of membership in this pre-eminent 
international and bilingual organization please see the website 

For more information about this meeting, the call for papers, and the 
Scenography Working Group, please see
and the SWG's information website at


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