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Un essai montréalais de théâtre virtuel Jacques Clairoux

Bonjour  André-G.
QUEATRE est au courant de The Othertheatre
Jacques C.
Merci Jacques, 
Je crois intéressant eneffet de faire connaître l'expérience, Mais il n'y a pour cette expérience que les membres alors disponibles à Montréal et bilingues que cela concerne directement. Mais, tu as raison, ce type d'expérience initiale nous concerne tous. Mais je ne vais quand même pas traduire tout ça :-)  À vos dictionnaires!
André G., comme tu dis :-)
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From: Stacey Christodoulou
To: cococlair
Sent: Monday, March 30, 2009 1:47 AM
Subject: Spiral Jetty 1 - Free Event

Hi, I am writing to invite you to our next event, Spiral Jetty 1, which takes place on Saturday, April 4th (3pm and 6:30pm) and Sunday, April 5th (3pm and 6:30pm).  It is a free event/laboratory where we try out concepts related to architecture, performance and filmmaking.  The idea is simple:  we ask 20 people to put on i-pods that we provide, to enter into a space and to follow the instructions for a drama that they hear through the earphones.   As they are performing these actions, we film them to create 3 short experimental films. 
Why are we doing this?  For those of you that know our work, you know that we like to investigate how the performance experience ticks.  Apart from our theatre shows which range from the straight-up to the avant-garde, we have done stuff in a mall window and a moving elevator.  We find that our experimental work really gives back to our other collaborations and, we hope, makes us better artists.  However, for this event, we need people to participate!  Our event is FREE and it will take up no more than an hour of your time.  So we ask you to come out and help us see if our concept flies.  We think that it does and that it's pretty fun and stimulating.   But your feedback is important in helping us develop it.
As you can tell from the title of our piece, we plan to enlarge this concept, with more elaborate mise en scenes and with an ever-increasing number of people.  And, of course, we want to translate it into French! But we need to see if it will work with twenty people first.
Please read the attachment for more information.  If you are interested, please contact spiraljetty1@gmail.com.
Thank you so much to all of you who have signed up.  Thanks to all who accept our e-mails announcing our events.  They are not frequent, so we don't want to crowd your in-box, but we do want to save some trees.


Our apologies if you do not wish to be on this mailing list.  Please let us know if you wish to be removed and we will happily do so.  Our apologies if you've received this twice.

Hope to see you there.


Stacey Christodoulou

Artistic Director - the other theatre