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Appel de monographies Roussy@videotron.ca, Marie-Josée

L'une d'entre vous me suggère de vous mettre au courant de cet appel de monographies savantes. Si vous avez une monographie à faire paraître en anglais - ou prévoyez une traduction de vos travaux en anglais -, pouvez vous adresser directement à la maison de Londres qui lance cet appel.
André G. Bourassa
École supérieure de théâtre
Dear Ms Roussy Marie-Josée,
We have launched a number of new academic, professional and reference book publishing initiatives recently and we would like pass on a short message to your faculty members and graduate students. Please let me know if you are able to send such messages on our behalf to your community (and cc: pubadmin@wpcpress.com, proposal@wpcpress.com). If so, I would be grateful if you could forward the message at the base of this message.
Thank you very much for your cooperation and I look forward to your reply and confirmation.
Magda Pachocka
Anthem Press
Anthem Press, an independent international publisher of academic, educational and reference works, would like to welcome submissions of proposals for challenging and original academic monographs and edited volumes, major works, handbooks/companions or course textbooks/readers. 
As a matter of course, we pride ourselves in publishing our scholarly monographs and edited volumes in hardback, paperback and ebook international editions. Moreover, if indeed there is demand, we now publish a low-cost edition for developing countries. 
Should you wish to send in a book proposal or have any other queries, please contact us at: proposal@wpcpress.com
Our current list includes such works as:
The Films of Robert Bresson - H - 9781843317968 - Bert Cardullo (Author)
'The Films of Robert Bresson: A Casebook'  presents an outstanding collection of essays and interviews with this legendary auteur, many of which were written by renowned directors and critics, including Jean-Luc Godard, Susan Sontag, and François Truffaut.
Action!- P- 9781843313298- Gary Morris (Editor), Jonathan Rosenbaum (Foreword by), Bert Cardullo (Introduction by)
 'Action! is a treasure-trove: nineteen rare interviews with a wide variety of film directors, all conducted by writers who are truly savvy about their subjects.  The book as a whole adds up to a practical PhD in what it takes to put personal vision up on the screen, both then and now.' Jeanine Basinger, Chair, Film Studies Department, Wesleyan University
Action! presents nineteen outstanding interviews with directors past and present, from around the world, working in a variety of genres, budgets and production environments from major studios to indie and DIY. The result is a vibrant group portrait of the filmmaking art, a kind of festival in words that explores everything from the enormous creative and personal satisfactions to the challenges and frustrations of the process. 
Anthem Press is a distinguished independent international publishing house pioneering a distinctive approach to the publishing of serious works across a wide range of subjects that appeal to academics, area specialists, researchers, school and university students, professionals as well as to general readers. Our list is international in scope and consists of leading authors ranging from academics making original contributions in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences to trade authors, including journalists and experts.

We relish our individuality and the breadth of our interests - being entirely independent, we are free to pursue our ideas and  inspirations; we shall continue to build on our reputation for scholarship, for innovative publishing and the very highest standards of book production.

Many of our books are published in association with a wide variety of other organisations, including scholarly international institutes, non-governmental organisations, financial institutions and other publishers around the world.

Anthem Press is headquartered in the UK (London) with offices in the USA and India. We have a global profile supported by our team of representatives and agents.