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Appel à communications: La dramaturgie de la danse Luella Massey

Dance Scholars, Artists and Enthusiasts.

First, I would like to thank everyone who sent in their proposals for papers, panels and PERsentations for the 2011 conference for the deadline of November 1, 2010. The number of applicants is very satisfying and we look forward to giving each proposal full and serious consideration.


The 2011 conference committee has extended the deadline for one month (December 1st 2010) Also, we would like to emphasize that, although Dance Dramaturgy is our conference theme we welcome papers from every field in dance studies and practices.  


Please know that in the spirit of being as inclusive as possible we will give careful and serious consideration to every submission. We trust this extension will answer the concerns of those scholars, artists and dance enthusiasts who were not certain that this conference would welcome them.  Everyone is welcome and all topics will be give serious consideration.


We apologize for this “glitch” in our process and thank you for your patience and understanding.


Darcey Callison, Chair

2011 SDHS Conference